Run With An Idea #6 : What’s the big deal about running a marathon?

Diary of a Dashing Fashionista

How many of you have entered a marathon in the last couple of weeks? It seems like half my Twitter feed is full of people celebrating getting into the London marathon or commiserating with those who missed out on a place. Even I received a VLM rejection magazine, which means I must have entered the ballot earlier this year, and I didn’t even want to run it!

There is also a fair few of us who have entered the Paris marathon (heyyy Carrie!) and I’ve been jealously reading updates from my friends who are training for New York or qualifying for Boston.

But what is so special about a marathon? Why are so many of us determined to dedicate the next six months to training our bodies to run continuously for 26.2 miles, risking injury, ugly feet and alienating all our non-running friends?

For me, a…

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