Road Tested: Sassy Shoelaces

Do Away with SMA

photoIn case you haven’t heard, our team here at DAWS is planning on running 500 miles in 19 days. Just a little fyi, that is FAR! It will require a team of runners to persuade, coax, support and lead each other to achieve a marathon a day while they site-see along the California Coast. I kid…I am sure they won’t think of it as a vacation, but I will photograph them like it is!

Along the way, the team is looking for support, both financial and with gifts in kind, BUT – the biggest support comes from fans, the people who cheer us on from the sidelines and wish us the best! Without that kid of support, there is no way this kind of adventure would be possible.

iusa_75x75.24119404_7jwxThe folks at Sassy Shoelaces wanted to wish us well. To express themselves adequately they sent each of the athletes a gift.

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