DAWS – Do Away with SMA December Challenge!


Do Away with SMA

Now that you’ve chiseled a rock hard core over the last 30 days the DAWS Team thought it would build in a little “down time” for the DAWS Nation.  After all, November was 30 days of pure awesome so taking it easy for a while and just taking the time to have a seat and watch the world go by is a good way to recover heading into 2014.

So go ahead, pull up a chair and…wait, scratch that. We don’t need chairs! Who uses a chair anymore anyway?

Welcome to the December Challenge!

Have a seat!

What is it?

For the month of December we will be “taking a seat” and doing the Wall Sit exercise otherwise known as the Wall Squat. This static exercise builds strength in the quadriceps muscle, a primary mover for runners and cyclists.

How to do it?

  1. Stand with your arms at your sides…

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