Running on Snow and Ice is Awesome Only when you Stay Dry!

….thank Zues I live south of the North Pole….

Do Away with SMA



Out of all of my team members, I have a feeling I run in the snow the most. That is not to say that other members don’t, but I am willing to wager they haven’t run in deep snow yet.


I am not the kind of runner who will choose the dread treadmill over running outside. I love the crunch of snow and the smell of snow and the dense sound of snow. I love the way my lungs feel clear after a cold run and the way the snow sparkles in the sunlight.

But snow has its drawbacks too.

It is cold.

It is slippery.

It is uneven.

This time of year I do not have to face the wet, sloppy snow, that happens in the spring for me. Right now I am dealing with dry, fluffy snow with a layer of ice below. My pace is slower…

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