I’d Give it an 8, but I can’t Dance to it…

Do Away with SMA

IMG_5739Let’s talk music.  Some runners are “purists” that choose the natural sounds of the morning / afternoon / evening to be the music that they listen to while running.  Living in Manhattan, my environment’s “natural sounds” would include…
·         the soft, vibrant exclamations of two taxis’ dueling horns at 5:30am as they joust for their next customer at the far corner of the street,
·         the romantic, subtle sound of the local supers watering down their buildings’ sidewalks as if they’ll suddenly spout stalks of gold and diamonds,
·         the soothing lyrics of the local schmuck yelling at the coffee shop attendant that “…I asked for my coffee to be a dark tan color – not the color of sandalwood, you heartless creature…”, and
·         the gentle tone of the friendly neighborhood philosopher, as he exclaims to no one in particular at 6am that “…The Flintstones were real, maaaaaan.  Seriously…..it’s a documentary….we…

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